Sensual Intimacy

The relationship we have with ourselves is the most important and rewarding one we will ever have. Knowing how to create sensuality in our personal lives leads to sexual flow. Knowing your body creates sexual autonomy and confidence. Together we work to find your highest potential

We’re going to slow down. We’re going to slow down and relish every sensation. From breath to movement, energy and hot touch. I’ll take you through a Three Phase program to make the most of your pleasure. We take the pressure of performing off the table and incorporate the lost "Art of Receiving".

Join me for monthly workshops where I take you through a variety of themes. We will open with body connecting movement, learn some fun take home techniques and knowledge, and have open and honest conversations about some sexy topics.

Incorporating fun and playful toys into the bedroom can be the cherry on top or a necessary part of a healthy sex life with a partner or solo. I have a variety of sexy accessories and toys available for presentation and purchase from dildos to luxury vibrators and ALL the lube!

My Approach

Sensuality is what I do. It's what I love. Not just participating but learning, teaching, talking and sharing everything we are capable of through our sexual energy, our life force. Our sexual energy and self pleasure rituals are the key to unlocking a massive potential within us all. 

Men and Women.

I offer group workshops, in person sessions as well as online coaching consultations and sessions to meet your needs. 

About me

I'm 41 years old, happily married with 3 children. I have been intrigued by human sexuality since I was a young girl. As I got older and matured, I realized the importance of the role it plays in our daily lives. Besides sharing my knowledge and teaching people to be more sensual and slow down, I also enjoy yoga, painting, reading, hiking, and exploring nature and all of it's wonders.

"Serena created a very open and comfortable space for heartfelt and meaningful conversation. This lead into discussions where we were able to realize that we naturally seek connection and meaning in our sexual relationship. We didn't have any expectations as to what the specifics of the sessions would entail or what we would get from the time spent with her. We looked forward to a opportunity to give focus to our relationship in any form. The sessions were a great way to focus on us and gave us some excellent tools to build our connection and sexual bond. Serena's intuitive nature and openness created an amazing environment. Her skill as a coach made following along with her instruction effortless. This was truly a wonderful experience and we look forward to future sessions."

Anonymous Couple

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